Excavated Gloom
Excavated Gloom is a point & click adventure game which we plan to release later this year. We believe that it brings back the best memories of classic adventure games, although still maintaining the play tempo of modern adventures. You wonder what makes it stand out from the rest? It’s the original story and locations. We decided that it would be the best to show something that our region is famous for – coal mines!

Our Hero

For most of us it doesn’t seem normal to work 5 hundred feet under the ground. But for Leszek, the miner from Mieszkowice, it’s nothing unusual. He has been working at a local coal mine for three years without a single flaw. Today was just supposed to be another ordinary monday, but Leszek focused on his future plans with his fiancée Gabriela, showed up late for work. This little fact has saved his life, but not for long… now he starts to fight for survival.

Your Adventure

Discover a variety of locations including true mine shaft scenery. Find items, combine them, search for clues and solve puzzles that might help you to reveal the truth. Meet people that will help you to understand whole picture, but be careful, some of them doesn’t wish you well. Be prepared for plot twists that will make you question every step in game. All this is intensified by an original soundtrack. Also keep in mind to read between the lines and you may find something from the developers.


As far we don’t know how much our game may cost. We will rely on Steam experience. For now we are focusing on finishing the game.