The concept of creating our own game development studio came out in 2014. One day we spoke about that idea, and we all agreed that it would be great to do something we really like. Especially that we all have skills desired in the game designing process and we knew each other for many years.
That was the beginning of the Bithome Games. We had a small budget, but we were motivated and full of passion, as never before. Right now we are about to complete our first project which receives positive feedback from the community. This fact ensures us that we’re moving in the right direction.


Michał Adamczyk
Project Coordinator, Graphic Designer & Programmer

As far as I remember I was always addicted to creating. Creating in any form, probably because it gives me a sense of freedom, meaning that what I do is not predetermined. I like to gain new skills, learn new technologies, use/combine them in further projects, and therefore improve them on each step whether it’s building websites, film editing, programming apps or designing graphics. What’s typical for me is the determination, so I never give up in searching for solution in order to accomplish my project or its particular stage, no matter how long it takes.


Konstanty Stefański
Marketing & Motion Capture Manager

I do not remember the first game I played, mostly it’s main goal was to get from point A to B. The moment I fall in love with playing games was when I got my first game with a true story. Since then I didn’t care what type of game I played, but what kind of story it told. Sometimes I recall some old games, but I can’t remember their endings. This is an opportunity for me to finish the story again and relive it.


Paweł Papierzański
Web Designer & Voice Recording Manager

I was 7 years old when my dad bought our first desktop PC. I fall in love with it immediately and spent a whole lot of time playing games. Of course today I use computers mostly for work, but my passion for all kind of computer devices remains. I’m always excited to discover new software and hardware. I’m also keeping a small collection of old games and computer parts just to remind me of the good old times.